EN4 DMX Output

HI Team,

We currently have a EN4 Node runnning FW 2.8 rack mounted in our racks. We use the LSC GenVI Auto Power to control the power to the fixtures.

Auto power is meant to turn off when it no longer sees a DMX signal from the input, we are finding that the EN4 is continuing to send some form of DMX even once there is no signal coming via Art-Net from our MA3 consoles (consoles shutdown)

We can see on the front of the node that the port square is blue with a red square around the outside. When checking the signal loss settings this is set to Disable DMX.

Any ideas on how we can fix this issue so the GenVI don’t see a DMX signal once console is shut down?

The default is to keep the last dmx frame sending forever.
You can change this in the System Menu.

Set the timeout to maybe 5m, and the action to “Disable DMX”

After 5 minutes of no console data the dmx ports will turn off. Adjust the timing as needed.