EN4 hard reset

I have what is supposed to be a new Obisidan EN4 in my possession that powers on, but the local LCD never comes on to display universe/IP information. In addition to this, turning the control knob or hitting the button also does not get the LCD to turn on, furhtermore, during power on the unit does not display the Obsidian logo on the LCD. Is there a way to do a hard/factory reset that does not involve the control panel or web access? Also is there an easy way to decipher what the out of box 2.xxx.xxx.xxx IP address is?

An update – I was able to through blind navigation of the local menu structure (had a working unit next to it, so I simply counted number of “clicks” to the rotary dial) set the unit that isn’t working into dhcp mode. It now has a valid IP I can ping on a local subnet, however, the unit’s web interface is prompting for a user ID and a password which I find strange. Also the unit is not picked up by the Netron Control Utility whereas a known good unit is picked up without an issue