EN4 sACN Priority Issue

I have a Neutron EN4, receiving sACN from two different sources - an ETC Echo Touch wall panel, and a Jands Vista console. The way I would like it to work (And I have set up in other spaces with the same gear, just a different node), is the wall panel has a priority of 100, and the console has priority 90. When the wall panel is on, it overrides the console, but with the panel off, the console has full control. The problem I’m running into is that the “0” value from the wall panel is still overriding the console output. It doesn’t seem like the EN4 is handling the two sACN streams correctly.

That sounds correct. DMX Value 0 with Priority 100 wins over any DMX value and Priority 90.
DMX 0 is not off, that is still a valid value.
Set them to the same priority and see if the HTP merge works better for you.