Enable Fixture Position plot in 2d x/y Position Plotter [Full Parameters]

per cue (in selected cuelist) position point for last selected /currently selected fixture.

As per page 98 Lightjockey Help [7.3.5 Movement and position control Position control]

Adjustment of x/y in real time with option to save to cue or leave in the programmer.
Adjustment of positions relative to Last selected fixture in situations where multiple fixtures have been selected.
Faster management of moving fixture positions when translating from venue to venue or visualiser to venue.

Unsure how hard to implement, whether this would clash with [edit] and thoroughly unsure about how multiple followon cue edits would behave with or break the Programmer. Seperate from any developments in console chatter to/from visualiser (as per missing functionality to control fixtures via Capture (or similar).

in case anyone thinks I am harping on about functionality that already exists in Onyx… I suggest taking a look at how the x/y plotter worked in LightJockey.
As an example:
Creating multiple positions per cuelist allowed creation of custom shapes, each position being mapped and shown in the plotter and connected to the previous and next position. Selecting a position (or grabbing multiple positions) allowed for adjustment of movement time and other parameters contained within that cue. This process allowed for intuitive beat matching, on and off the beat, and the creation of Cuelists with specified base Tempos.
Each cue point in the plotter enabled duplication/splitting via pop up menu, which in turn enabled insertion of cues into cuelists, at the point at which you wanted the new cue and all via graphical interface.
Each section between two cues was shape-able with regards to movement. Point to point movement or arcs, with arcs drag and drop enabled to affect curvature / distance.

Edits applied in real time without affecting cuelist position.

In short, the X/Y plotter in Lightjockey was a powerful tool capable of stream lining cue creation and venue to venue changes in position based cues. For a house install and house tech, the plotter was accurate enough that positions could be hit first go just by familiarity of the plotter and the venue and the fixtures.

Could you make a video explaining this workflow in LJ?

I haven’t touched LJ in over ten years sorry and do not have access to a a computer with the hardware (does LJ still need the DMX chip onboard?)
I’ll look into it… bit busy at the moment: Australia Day soon and new job induction etc.

Sorry if my OP was unclear. I’ve downloaded a copy of LJ and am having a look and trying to remember a bit about it… to be fair I never set up the system in the club where i worked with LJ >_<
I just remember the ease with which i was able to set up long cue chains for the scanners we had… if i remember correctly they were High end jobbies with iris (though i gone around for years saying they were Martin roboscans… but Roboscans never came out with iris? )…