Enable Macros in Chase Cuelist

as per title, “Enable Macros in Chase Cuelist”
Standard Cuelist 100
cue 1, cue 2, cue 3, cue4
Chase Cuelist 101
cue 1 [macro: trigger cuelist100 cue 1]
cue2 [macro: trigger cuelist100 cue 2]
cue 3 [macro trigger cuelist100 cue 3]
cue4 [macro trigger cuelist100 cue 4]

less programming, can create larger cuelists and with careful curation have the ability to grab sections of the cuelist and use them as chases, thereby nullifying the lack of BPM control and lack of accessible speed controls for Standard Cuelists.

I am unsure how difficult (or not) this would be to implement, but it would certainly add functionality and control to Onyx.


cue 1.1 [macro: trigger cuelist100 cue 1]
cue 1.2 [macro: trigger cuelist101 cue 2]
cue 1.3 [macro trigger cuelist361 cue 3]
cue 1.4 [macro trigger cuelist100 cue 14]
use case should be self evident.
the ability to write cuelists then reference those cuelists within a chase, allowing the ability to close that chase and change cuelists being used or to edit which cues are referenced in the chase to allow for complicated sequences to be adapted at short notice… if the gaffer or LD or Director wants pink and white instead of red and white at the third step and movers 10-20 to rotate anticlockwise at step 15.
Building cascading movement chases from existing FX cues and modifying the chase speed to allow for timed expression of those FX or modifying global FX speed to allow greater expression of range within an FX whilst keeping overall movement synced to the performance via Tap-Sync.

all without having to run time code (or edit time code).

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Sorry for bumping an old thread but I’m wondering if there are any plans to implement this in the future. This seems like a very useful thing that honestly I’m kind of surprised doesn’t exist already.



we also want to see this in onyx, all other big player has this feature already, in any way.
so maybe you know not so much about the german event business, but the time factor is all we have to think about while programming, and as long as key features are not in onyx, as long the real pro´s don´t speak about onyx and the hardware,
and so noone is brave enougth to buy, especially because of the not clear price difference between nx wing and nx 2,
there are one touchscreen(about 250-350$),
and a mini computer in the range from 500-1000$.
the console costs 8500 and more, but the wing under 3000.
so why?