Encoder Wing suggestion

Maybe it is possible to create a NX E wing. E stands for Encoder. So a wing that contains:

  • 4 parameter encoders(like below the screen on a NX 1)
  • 10 keys for the Fixture Parameter first column selection (Intensity, PanTilt, Color, Beam, …)
  • 10 keys for the Fixture Parameter second column selection (FX, FX Timing, Fanning, Grouping, Rate)
  • 10 F-keys
  • 2 Masters potentiometers or encoders with flash button (Grand Master, Flash Master)
  • 4 encoder for the side key encoders

When there is still room:

  • 12 playback buttons (like left/bottom on NX4) that can be assigned to cue actions.

When it is not to complicated:

  • Integrated USB Hub to connect with 3 devices (like NX P, NX K), maybe with separated power input.
  • Option for a desklight
  • Price around 500 to 800 EURO :slight_smile:

This wing should be clickable onto the NX P, NX K, NX 1.

The addition of this wing would make it much easier to use a PC for programming. Connecting a NX P, NX E and NX K with a laptop would allow a desk like experience, with not to much need for a mouse or touch screen.

By using only encoders and buttons, maybe some LEDs, the price can be low. It uses the same components as already used on other products, to make the development easier.

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