Enhance the Using of the load or the Group to select fixtures

I am realy new to Onyx but I am looking at some stuff that is making my programming much easier!
I use a lot the load or the group features when i hav e a cue triggered to select only tose fixtures that are in a certain preset.
What I do is launch the cue use the group to select fixtuers in that preset do my changes and that’s it ,but if i need to select another group before recording a new cue or updating or merging,i need to press" 0 ENTER " to be able to select another group and so on!
Can you think of somekind of new feature that gives me the chance to simplify this way of doing stuff?

Like select the group do what i need to do, then to be able to select another group simply “PRESS ONCE CLEAR” then start again by selecting the group clear once etc… or if there is already a correct way please let me know it would help me a lot!