Enttec and Onyx

OK, so I have updated the firmware, downloaded the drivers and made sure I’m on the latest release of ONYX. My Enttec DMXUSB PRO I’ve used for five shows already now won’t output DMX with ONYX. This is after the latest Microsoft update for the surface. I downloaded the Enttec tools and I can control lights using the Enttec manager window but my ONYX software won’t send dmx through it. The Ettec is flashing green showing its getting DMX but nothing is happening. My mtouch in universe 2 is sending DMX out fine. Any Ideas?


I know you have updated things. Would you be able to provide more specific driver / firmware versions, windows version and builds.

The only things I can think to check would be to make sure it is still being discovered in ONYX. Check DMX Settings / USB Devices. Make sure it is set to Pro, not Open. Check to make sure windows still sees it as a USB Device (and not unknown). Check to make sure FTDI driver is updated and that after it updated it is still set to Enable Load VCOM port.

I have a Windows 10 Ver 1803 running OS 17134.286 and the Enttec DMX USB Pro Firmware 4.14 with no problems.

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Hello Joseph!

I think you might be experiencing something like i did.
What i would do is uninstall “Obsidian Control Systems Driver package” then just reinstall ONYX.

Link to my issue:

//Martin Hedstrom

I am trying to fix this issue today and finally got some free time. But when I started loading up onyx I had some error codes pop up.

What version of Onyx are you running? I’m not sure if you’ve been able to resolve the issue, but thought I’d point out something I noticed on the news page, posted Aug 12th


(quoted taken from that article)

" End of ENTTEC USB support
With 4.2.1052 Obsidian has decided to end the support of all ENTTEC USB devices for DMX Output. Going forward only M-Series and ONYX USB devices are supported."

Which is a shame, really, those USB PRO boxes have proven to be very robust.