Enttec DMX USB PRO Mk2 not working


Having troubles getting output on Enttec DMX USB PRO Mk2.
The Enttec is working on DMX Pro Manager, led is blinking white, yellow, green.
In Onyx the Enttec is detected, but doesn’t send output.
Firmware upgrade is done, latest version Onyx. Even reinstalled it, no effect.
OS = Windows 10 x64

Can anybody help me please?

I need this to work!



Update: apparently the profile for Elation Rayzor Q7 is crap! If I use simple faders, it works!

try out wit enttec open dmx usb…1 univ…the pro it doesnt work…you only have 1 free univ to use wit onyx wit enttec devices…better buy a NX DMX BOX its cheep and you have 2 univ

Enttec DMX USB PRO Mk2 works perfect for me, but just 1 universe, and is more stable, in my opinion than the open USB I used the two of them.

I believe in the next version of Onyx they will be dropping support for the Enttec units.

As Victor said might be time to buy one of the NX boxes.



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