Enttec open Dmx USB Not showing on USB2DMX

So i bought a touchscreen laptop for my dj lighting rig to run on onyx. It works just fine on my other laptop and has worked for months. Since ive installed onyx on my new laptop nothing is showing. i downloaded all the drivers for it. Im wondering if there is something im doing wrong

On my other laptop it shows it…

My new laptop has build 4.4 on it and my old one is 4.2


Welcome to the ONYX community. I hope you are enjoying ONYX so far.

So to answer your question. You are not doing anything wrong. However, you need to be aware of a few things.

Because of ongoing development and new features, version 4.2.1057 was the last version that supported Enttec devices. While the use of those devices was nice and an easy way to “learn” the software with physical output, the overall support of a third party device wasn’t beneficial to future developments.

Considering the price for a “free 1 universe” Enttec device, for a little more you can get “free 2 universes” using an ONYX branded NX-DMX and support the continued development of the software.

The features in 4.4 and beyond (DyLOS specifically) and continued Windows 10 security updates are all factors. While I understand any frustration you may have (I have 3 of the Enttecs myself to swap out), in working with 4.4 and the betas, I can’t wait to upgrade.

A consideration may be to use your new machine to learn DyLOS and you may decide to get a small “control surface” (NX-Touch or the older M-Touch or M-Play) for some physical faders and buttons. They also allow for a single universe output. Then you can run 4.4 on both machines.

Hope this helps and again welcome to the community,


Please read


So basically I have to buy a new DMX Box? Is there anyway I can download an older version of onyx like my old laptop has on it. I’m not going to buy another dmx box when mine works fine for my dj rig. I might have to use a different dmx software

Yes you will have to buy an NX-DMX box to continue to use ONYX.