EP4 Ethernet Ethercon Port Indicator Lights

Hello, I have checked the manual but I cannot find what I am looking for. Apologies if it was infront of my face and I missed it.

On the A and B ethercon ports for the EP4, is there info on the color codes for the “act” and “link” lights. I am getting colors I belive could be an error code. I believe one color is for PoE, but can’t remember. (orange and Red)


Which one is red?

I had to walk away from it for the day. I’ll check back later. Is there a document with the different color codes? It doesn’t blink like my EN4 that’s not on PoE.

No the led colors aren’t documented for the RJ45 ports. I have never seen Red on it.
Maybe your POE is too low. Try to power it from the provided wall brick and usb-c cable.

I might just try hot power and see if it improves.

I was getting no response to my lights, then the signal became intermittent. I’m using the network on a studio lot, so I wasn’t sure if it was hardware or the network.

I checked my EP4, the network LEDs are green/amber.
The POWER Led is red, and it lights up with POE or wall power.