EP4 no output

Just got my new EP4, I am not getting any output. I read the manual I dont know if ONYX (vs 4.6.1230) even sees it. I tried to download the firmware update, I dont know if that did anything, what do I do with the file after I download it?
Is there some network setting I need to config.

Hello @defalg
EP4 by default has a IP range of 2.x.x.x and Subnet mask
Your Onyx needs to have IP in the same range and ArtNet or sACN output needs to be set on that network interface.
You can do that by going in to ONYX MENU > Network Settings > Interfaces
There You should be able to see Your network cards connections and their settings.
Check if on the selected network interface the IP is in the same range and if ArtNet is enabled.
Then You can go to EtherDMX menu (also on the left side of the screen), and on the bottom of the screen > Devices.
There You should be able to see if EP4 is “talking” with Your ONYX.

Let me know did this help and what You see eventually, to help you further.