Erreur 27502

Hello all. I need some help.
I didn’t find anything to sovle my probleme, so i take my chance here.
When i want to update or uninstall Onyx, i have this error :

I tried to execute all the fix i found on your site, but, nothing solve the probleme.
Can you help me please.

Which version are you trying to install? Is this an upgrade or a fresh install?

Hello,Thank you for your reply.
This is for updating with ONYX Installer version 4.8.1243 but I have the same problem with the previous version.
And I have the same error message when trying to uninstall the version installed on my pc.
I tried the fixes found on the forum but still the same error message
Have a good day

Could you run the AnyDesk tool and PM me your ID, then I could have a remote look?

the pc user is not available at the moment. I will contact you as soon as I am connected to his pc.

sorry to bother you. I just learned that the problem was solved this morning.
Good day