Error Installing ONYX and Odd behaviour on another system installed correctly.


I keep getting this error, spent a day yesterday trying all sorts of methods without success. Used the clean-up tool after each attempt. I have run the installer with Run as Administrator the user account has local admin rights on the box. It keeps giving this error, its like SQL Server is never installed.


Annoying as the old M-PC installer always worked.

Since Elation took over I have noticed more problems with the installer and weird latency with ONYX when selecting controls i.e. double click on intensity for a fixture the mouse pointer dissappears for several seconds then the intensity control appears. Never did this in M-PC.

These issues are not related to Elation and the change to Onyx, its the same software architecture and team.
Can you share a video of the delay you are talking about?

I’ve got the same problem and have yet to find an answer.