Ethernet Interface loses connection every 7 seconds

sorry if my english isn’t the best but if got an pretty specific problem and I don’t find it anywhere especially not in my nativ language.
I’m trying to use an Eurolite Node 1 interface which supports Art Net and is hooked up via ethernet cable to my Laptop with the free Onyx version. But when I try to send data to a Par 56 just to try it, it doesn’t work.
In the menu of Onyx the interface shows up as EtherDMX but every 7 seconds it disconnects and after 3 seconds it reconnects. I already tested the ethernet port on my Laptop but there isn’t an issue.
In my Windows settings it also say “connected” and a few moments later “disconnected”
Does anyone has an idea what I could try to solve the problem?
Or doesn’t it work with the Eurolite Node 1?

should the eurolite artnet node 1 work with onyx?
and if yes, maybe you could post atutorial how we can do this?!
on ma on pc you have to do some special config, and the eurolite node 1 work.
so is it possible?
we have so much off them and onyx would get a bigger player for may bosses if we can use our old stuff with it!

thank you,

b. eifert

if it isn’t stable in Windows this is not an ONYX issue. Use a test tool like dmx workshop to get it working with a 2.x IP address range, it contains a basic fader board.
There is no special configuration in ONYX, Artnet works very reliabe. Simply set the ethernet port to “EtherDMX”

Maybe the issue is your PC network port too?

Thanks for your solution!
I found the problem… My Ethernet port had the same Ip as the Interface. I fixt it in the networkadaptor configurations in Windows. Now it connects and shows with an static adress in Onyx an EtherDMX Interface

@ [Tabekupi]

do you give the node 1 the example) ip, which matthias means?
or do you give it a regular adress in the ip range of your local network?

so we give it the in the same subnetmask as the router and the lan,
so dmx workshop see the eurolite, but no output over the intern fader or programm out is possible.


b. e.