Ethernet question:

I have a job coming up in a theater that has one House Ethernet port “IN” to run 4 universes on stage. I will be using my ONYX PC with Onekey (128 univ).
My question is, do I need to buy a separate USB to Ethernet Node? Or can I just use the PC Ethernet port to house?

Defalg -

No additional hardware needed. Just plug into your PC Ethernet port. With that said…you may need to do some “site work” and verify what IP’s and protocols (sACN or Art-Net) the House theater is using so you can set ONYX accordingly. Also…in ONYX there is a Ethernet Sync Packet setting. I know that with my ETC dimmers I had to disable it for control of them. But I have older dimmers.

So in short - no additional hardware is needed, just more info from the house theater.

Hope this helps,



Thank you. I do have a pre-show visit scheduled. I’m hoping to plug in and RDM the fixtures.

Thanks again.