Export for printing use "cue values for selected cue" for theater operations

Hi to all!
Could it be possible to export cue values for Theater use. or maybe add a button print as pdf for selected cue.
Thank you.


Not possible, only the cuelist.

Yes I know that type of report but needed a more detailed cue by cue for Theater use.

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Yes, it would be useful.

Is this a thing yet?
I am about to migrate from a very old version of M-PC (3.22.458.0) and if it was back then it would make life a lot easier for me now to rebuild a show in entirety in Onyx. I will just be taking screenshots.

No changes yet on exporting of values.


Just curious why you have to re-create your whole show. You said M-PC. Just save your show file and all related “cue / screen settings”. Then after making sure windows 10 64 bit is all up to date. Install the new version (4.4.1193 as of 5/5/2020) and just open your showfile. It will ask to be “optimized” and saved since it’s coming from an older version. After that, you should be up and running. You may have to create some new “workspaces” if you don’t like the defaults. But the shows cuelist and values should be there still. Unless I’m not understanding your question correctly.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the response!
As I’m operating remotely from home I initially didn’t have the show file to test and had started the rebuild process manually on a local version of the software anyway.
I have got most of the way through it (all patching done, and more than halfway through the show build) so it is now inconsequential. I’m also building it ‘better’ now anyway, after doing quite a bit of training on the software! :smile:

However, just for kicks - after getting hold of the original old show file I gave it a go and it just gets stuck at “Loading and optimizing show data”. I’m sure I read somewhere many software versions updates ago that there was a point where old show files would no longer work; but maybe I’m mistaken, short of trawling through historic changelogs. Anyway; not an issue now, I like my new build better!

I still do feel like as a ‘hard’ backup I’d love an export individual address cue values feature… Just to a CSV or the like. Any step up from screengrabs of the live output! :laughing:
In a TV studio; where backups and redundancy are supreme.


Quick update - I got it!
Tried several times, and had to close out of the program manually each time.
Then, I noticed continue show was now available, even though it hadn’t ever loaded fully.
And that worked! Intesting. Cheers.

Just to add my formal +1 as a feature request for this.
Export cue values to CSV or XML or the like.

+1, for detailed cue info export, we have to give shows away so often, and not everyone could use onyx showfiles…