Export patch

Hi all

I can’t seem to export the patch as a viewable .xml document on my laptop. I can get the stylesheet meta, but no actual data. Are there any other options? .csv?


The XML should be viewable in a text editor (like Notepad in Windows), or in spreadsheet software like Excel.
Viewing the export in a web browser has been fixed for the pending release, so will be available as of build 1263.

Dear Gert

Thanks for your reply. I have opened the patch file in both a browser and with Wordpad. Both have given me the stylesheet rather than data. If you have any ideas, I would welcome them.
Obsidian 4.9.1262.0 (Preview Version)
Windows 11 (Build 10.0.22631.0)

Many thanks KC

You probably did open the stylesheet (FixtureReport.Onyx.xslt) instead of the export (name of your show or alternative name you provided and having extension .Fixture.Onyx.xml)?

Alternatively, you can read all Onyx report from here:

P.S: homemade development :slight_smile: