Exporting a Fixture Profile to New Existing Show

The X-Laser Mercury profile does not exist in the current Onyx library. X-Laser has the Mercury profile on their site, but after talking with tech support, it’s confirmed their installer is not working correctly.

So, now I have a test Onyx show file from tech support with the correct profiles. I executed “Export Patch”, got the XML file, tried to import to my show. I cannot get these profiles to import to my new show.
I get the progress bar at the top looking like it’s performing the patch, but nothing actually happens. I tried this on a blank show file, still no dice.

I’ve opened the library editor, it seems you cannot import a fixture from that same XML file. And despite opening the test file on my computer, those profiles are not in my fixture library.

What am I missing here? This should be a simple function, and it has been maddeningly difficult. Please just tell me I’m dumb and show me the light.

Laser test_2023-02-10_1146_Build_4_8_1239_0.OnyxShow (1.6 MB)

The library format is drastically changed since 4.6.
Request the library to be created : Fixture Request (obsidiancontrol.com)