Fade from one Palette to another ?


I’m looking into the latest beta of Onyx for a project I’m working on.
I’m loving the Palettes, exactly what I needed however, they don’t seem to fade when going from one Palette to another.
I did try “Fade All” mode in my cuelist but no change.

Am I missing something ( just started with the new beta ) ? Will they fade on 4.6 or the snapping is here to stay ?

I was using an effect to color the gradient and the zone, which fades from one cue to another but Palettes are so much better, I’d rather program my showfile that way.

Thank you !


Palettes are used to create DYLOS content, and currently Dylos can not crossfade within the same Zone.
You’d have to overlay two Zones on the same area and fade out one and the other one in.
This will change in a future release.

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