Fader "linking"?

So I had a thought today about some sort of fader linking. Let’s say I have an inhibitive used as a “master intensity” on playback fader 1 of bank 1. Is it possible to have the same inhibitive on playback fader 1 of bank 2?

I know it is possible to simply copy it and have two separate faders. What I’m thinking is linking the two together so whatever you do with one, the other does as well. Is this possible with Onyx?

Just in case it isnt clear what I’m asking, here is another example. Let’s say the inhibitive on bank 1 is at 50%. Then I switch to bank 2, and change the inhibitive in that bank to 75%. Next I switch back to bank 1. Is there a way to have that inhibitive fader (on bank 1) match the input from bank 2 and show 75%, and vise versa?

I am currently at my day job so I havent had a chance to test it, but I’m not even sure where to begin assuming something like this is possible. Just trying to think of ways to have a few essentials (master dimmer, fx swing etc) on every bank I have without the weirdness that can come with adjusting a fader one way or the other on the same parameter.

Hopefully I was clear enough with what I am trying to do! Any insight would be great.


If I’m understanding you correctly, this is already the behavior.


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I’ll have to do some testing when I get home today.

Thanks for the response!

Copy just copies the cuelist (whatever its type) at another place (where you can change the button/faders assignments). It is the same cuelist.

To get a dedicated copy (duplicated), you shall perform a copy from the cuelist directory. The cuelist created is a complete new one (you can see it with its name where it is written “copy of xxx”)

I will definitely try that. I should have said in my original post that I am still fairly new to the software, so I do appreciate the help!

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It works exactly the way I was hoping for! Thanks again!

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