Fading cuelists from external DMX input

In order to give me a few extra faders to my NX wing - ive used a small 12ch DMX console as an external DMX input. Ive successfully assigned my 12ch of faders to dimmer chans and a few cuelists, overrides and subs. The idea is that - where appropriate - I select to req cue thru my touchscreen then use the faders for intensities and overrides. The direct DMX chan assignments & subs are working perfectly. However, for each fader where there is a cuelist loaded - the cuelist will advance once the fader reaches 100% - irrespective of cuelist settings. This happens for cuelists and overrides.

Also, the flash buttons on my ext DMX desk both flash the cue AND advance the cuelist. This is less of a problem - Im happy not to use these at all.

The small 12ch DMX desk (Theatrelight Starlet) is very basic - just 12 faders with flash buttons, a Master & Park fader.

Would love to know if there is a work-around for this.

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