Failing to clone or swap fixtures between old and new library fixture types.

The title is pretty much it, I have the old library Beyond DMX Server Mid fixture type which was imported to the new 1205 release (and the previous versions before that, since the new library was rolled out) I had anticipated some troubles with cloning between the new “Beyond Mid” laser fixture type and the old, but This is catostauphic, I can’t take any data from my old DMX Server Mid profiles and clone or swap to any other fixtures, NOR can I even use my master Clone Fixture type (artiste davicini) to clone TO the new or old Laser fixture types.

I bet I can export the fixture type for “Beyond Mid” from the old library by installing an old version of onyx and exporting the fixture type, but, I don’t have a way to update to the new Fixture type, and I worry that the new library may be completely incompatible with old fixture types with further issues like this in other fixture types.

Any guidance is appreciated, all questions are a great help to get me thinking about this in a different way. Thanks!

Add to this, I’ve been trying to edit fixtures from the editor, and after editing they fail to be able to be
added to the patch. Specifically, I’m changing the channel type from “custom” to Red additive, green additive, Blue additive, Intensity, etc. because I thought perhaps that would help the fixtures to be able to clone across correctly. I am on the Beta 4.5.1205

You can not really clone between types, there is an exchange button to fully replace the fixtures instead.
However a fixture like Beyond is one of the most complex to create so I would recommend not to worry about any existing shows and simply patch the new library in a new show and give us very explicit and detailed feedback what is incorrect, from wrong defaults, missing parameters or missing labels and steps.

Report this using the fixture request form:

The fixture was added based on your request, so any issues better to report to us. The library developers do not follow the Onyx forums.

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I tried to swap a Etc lustr from studio mode to HSIC and it basically mess my console up. Can’t open shows, can create new shows

Could you be more specific. Patched, the cloned immediately? is this an existing showfile or a new show?

Old show file.
I added the lustrs in RGB studio 7 mode to the file.
I swapped the lustrs for lustrs in HSIC mode.
Console got stuck in patch mode and file for corrupted

can you share the showfile for us to replicate?

Sadly, not, I just tried to install 1193 so I could get back to working on re-building my files and it seems to have deleted 1205. now I can’t install 1193, started another thread with details.

I can’t share my file, it is corrupted and it won’t move. I tried to create a new file using the ETC lustrs and it crashed my NX2

In the Onyx tutorial series last week, it was explained that the Clone function is what is used to switch fixtures. It seemed to work for those fixture which had accurate models in them already.

Also, I determined more specifics of my issue: Fixtures that were loaded into onyx using the pre altabase Onyx library need to be swapped to their matching fixture in the new Altabase library before they can be swapped to any other fixture type. Also, the fixture editor is unable to create fixtures that work with 1204-1206. I would like to be able to create a somewhat “master fixture” which can be used with all types of fixtures as a basis to work from before creating other groups and types that are incompatible (color mixing, color wheel, and color saturation/hue fixture types), Brought that up in a separate forum item as well.