[FIXED] Can't get ARTnet to work


First time user so don’t mind me if i’m asking a stupid question. I have some problems with ARTnet, Im trying to connect to an BriTeq BT-NODE28 but its not showing up.

Node is set to static: -
Laptop is set to static: -

I also have Avolites on my laptop (trying to switch to onyx) and avolites is working just fine so it no hardware issue in that regard.

I dont have a license at the moment so i dont know if that is part of the problem? I just have the software in free mode. In the settings i have tried a few things like changing the breadcast settings, turning the override on and filled in the IP of the node, nothing is happening. What am i missing? Is this node not compattible? or does the free version of onyx limited to no output on ARTnet?


You are limited to Universes 1,2,3 or 4

Set the Laptop to ETHERDMX so it gives itself a valid Artnet address.
Set the Nodes to subnet

Going to try that tomorrow. thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Then how does this work? I knew i read somewhere that 1-4 were in the free version. This is on the licance page:

Note: Onyx will send out “free” Universes numbers 1,2,3 and 4 over Art-Net, sACN or ONYX USB devices when no license key is detected.

So if i get the ip stuff working, that should fix it so i can potentially use the first 4?

Correct, you get four Universes completely free. It is restricted to 1-4, you can’t pick your own Universe numbers.

Thanks, its working now. for some reason onyx wants to use subnet even if the node is set to

so now i can see what im doing, now its time to start to learn this new software.