Fixture builder error in edited fixture type

Imported Resolume composition base model from an old library, edited it, then loaded into 4.4, exported and loaded into 4.5 1206, then updated to 1212, edited the fixture, saved, which caused an error (wouldn’t allow me to save on the same fixture name, though the Resolume Layer model worked for this process). Saved under new name, but when attempting to patch, the fixture refuses to patch, though there is an error message prompt, which generated this save attached hereResolume_Resolume_Composition_chaser_stageflow.FixtureTypeErrorReport.Onyx.xml (554 Bytes)

Is this the “failed to clear old fixture type” error? or what’s going on?

The channel label “fade out” is intentionally blocked by the software and prevents the patching of this fixture.
You could rename that channel, or wait for an update of ONYX that revises this restriction.

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Thanks for the assist, I’ll give this a shot, after work sometime this week

Thanks again for the help, my composition fixture is working perfectly, really love that, but now, I’m goign to need a layer fixture, would you mind checking this fixture as well? I modified this profile for several hours to match the functions of Reoslume 7 (plus my custom additions for color/stageflow/chaser). I could just use generic fader channels for everything if this isn’t possible. Otherwise… any clue on when the next build will be released? I’ve got non stop shows starting in 4 weeks and would love to have time to build everything I need to show off all the new additions are capable of running video, lasers, and lights all through onyx.
Resolume_Resolume_Arena_7_Layer.FixtureTypeErrorReport.Onyx.xml (554 Bytes)

you can not use Speed as a channel name. Use Spd instead.

Ah you’re the best, thank you so much!