Fixture Editor Doesn't work with Beta?

The fixture editor doesn’t work with the betas 1204-1206… you can edit fixtures to create them yourself, which is a MUCH easier way to organize the info the Alta-Base will need to add fixture to their library, but I can’t can’t use the fixture I’ve created., it refuses to patch or swap. I will need the fixture editor for testing and to create non extant fixtures to simulate parameters I want to have in common between resolume, mad mapper, beyond lasers, and all the traditional lights I use for cloning at various shows, and I sorta feel bad asking alta base to create something that doesn’t exist.

Is the Fixture Editor going to be fixed with the 4.6 release? Is it OK to request a fixture that doesn’t exist?

attach a fixture you created so we can check.

I created this fixture, which doesn’t work in 1208.

Event LightingPAR12x12L.Fixture (801 Bytes)

Meaning it was created in a previous editor and doesn’t work, or in 1208 editor and doesnt work?

I created it in the 1208 editor. The new fixture appears in Onyx, but it doesn’t seem to patch properly. The New fixture window closes and the list of patched fixtures is unchanged. See attached video.

Beta 1211 imported this fixture and it looks ok

I updated to 1211, but it still doesn’t patch properly. Weird.

I would be happy to screen-share with you to debug if you like.

Try a clean showfile to rule out the fixture first.

I created a fixture that did work yesterday, it used default values for all the channels I added, it’s a nonsense light, last month when I sent rhe fixture request for U-king 50w light with led, the fixture profile I made was refusing to patch, I will attach both after work tonight.

You are correct: the fixture patched fine in a new showfile.

Should we conclude that it won’t be possible to add new fixture types to pre-4.6 showfiles?

Does adding any fixture work to your showfile. Maybe it has a corruption. I am adding fixtures to 4.4 showfiles without issues.

I can patch fixtures that are part of the standard library, but I can’t patch fixtures that are newly added as User Fixtures. I have attached my show file and the fixture in question so that you can perhaps give it a try.
Quoll_2021-03-30_1316_Build_4_5_1211_0.OnyxShow (4.8 MB)
Event LightingPAR12x12L.Fixture (801 Bytes)

Thanks for sharing, it seems the type is already (partially) in the show file, together with a test type. Don’t know what went wrong when importing the type first time, but since it has never been referenced by a fixture, it doesn’t get cleaned up automatically.
We improved the show optimization for the next beta build so such types would be cleared when starting the show (using Continue), they can then be added again. Let me know if you need this show file fixed right away, so I can prepare a batch file for you.

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I’d love a fixed version of that showfile, if you wouldn’t mind.

Hi, did you receive my PM with the fixed show file? Just making sure, as I don’t seem able to find a trace of that PM anymore

Yes, I got it. Thanks Gert.