Fixture Editor - parameter multi channel control

I think I know the answer, but just want to verify. Is there any way in the Fixture Editor to create a fixture in which a single parameter controls multiple channels?

For instance I would like to make a profile in which Intensity Parameter 1 Controls DMX Channel 1, Intensity Parameter 2 Controls DMX Channel 6, Parameter CCT Controls channels 2 and 7, +/- Green Parameter controls channels 3 and 8, Hue Parameter controls Chan 4 and 9, Saturation Parameter controls Chan 5 and 10.

You may be able to guess where I’m going with this. My Gaffer is able to create fixtures like this in Luminair, and I am jealous.

Post a screenshot of the fixture you are thinking off.

Ofer hooked me up with multipart profiles for the Quasar Science R2 tubes, and I’m just going to use those and create groups of pixel blocks to get the functionality I am after. So it’s solved for practical purposes. But just out of curiosity, there is no way to have a single parameter control in Onyx affect multiple DMX output channels in a non-multipart fixture, is there?

These particular LED tubes have individually addressable pixels, as an option, but really, they just repeat the same profile as for a single pixel, over and over for however many pixels you set. Since this is simple (although tedious), and the fixture editor does not allow for user multipart fixtures, I thought a clever workaround would be to just create a single part fixture, and repeat the parameter set to correspond with each pixel, but that would be hopelessly cumbersome unless I could have some of the parameter selections control multiple DMX channels in the profile.

Luminair does this. It’s a quick and easy way to whip up a quick profile, that allows one to set the Quasar R2 tube to, for instance, 4 pixels, and then have one parameter for color for the whole tube, but four individual intensities, one for each pixel. I hate when my gaffer shows me something in Luminair and I can’t instantly recreate it in Onyx, it’s a point of honor.

Thinking about it more, I realized the Onyx way to approach this is through groups. I could just patch the single Quasar Tube as 4 separate fixtures, one for each pixel, and then create a group out of them, so I could quickly set color for the whole tube and then reselect to control the intensities separately. Now that Ofer has made comprehensive multipart fixtures for the various pixel options, I will be able to do the same thing, only better.

I am afraid I am fairly clueless with the fixture editor. I have made simple fixtures with only a few parameters from scratch, and also edited existing fixtures, but a lot of the stuff has me scratching my head. It is on my to-do list to learn the fixture editor properly.

While I can’t think of any other specific situation where you would want a single parameter to affect multiple channels, it seems like something that could concievably come up. Especially if we are talking about custom made fixtures, which we sometimes see in the movie business.

Attached is the screenshot of the from scratch, custom fixture with only 2 pixels I started to test this functionality.

Not sure if this is what you are after…but here is a link for having a single fixture ID controlling multiple addresses. In this “work-a-round” case, you’d be creating a couple of “generic parts” assigned to your multiple addresses. However, your better bet is probably to just request the proper fixture to be made.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Chris,

Can easily be done, using Generic Channels… Simply patch multiple addresses, to a single ID
You can label them as needed (e.g. Hue, Sat, Tint…), and group them according to the amount of required channels, per specific mode…

You can rename a Generic Channel, using the editor, so you have your own library, of any required attributes, and then, rebuild your testing profile, from those labeled channels…

See Generic Conventionals folder, for some examples…

Once done, save that show, for future use

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

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