Fixture Editor

How could i do to create a multipart profiler for a rgbw led with 3 sections each one?, thanks

You are not able to create your own multi part fixture at this time. So you have three options…

  1. search Onyx Fixture Finder by @Sylvain_Guiblain. He has done a great job maintaining a database and allowing you to find similar units based on profile attributes. Here’s the link.

  2. check to see if the profile is in the current library release, which may be different from the one installed on the console or pc. If not, request the profile be built on the library support page. You’ll need to provide all the proper documentation. @Ofer_Brum does a great job and is pretty quick if all documentation is accurate. Here’s the link for the request page.

  3. patch 3 generic rgbw units with a virtual dimmer. You might have to sacrifice some features of the light to get by and be creative in the patching. So I’d use this as a last option. Definitely not recommended, but might get you by for a short time in a pinch.

Hope this helps,


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