Fixture Library Swap/Clone Emptying Presets


Just wondering if there are any alterations or improvements due to come in with the fixture swap/clone feature? I’m taking a show out on a long tour soon using house rigs, and I keep having issues where doing fixture swaps seems to empty the gobo palettes. (E.g. Mac Viper to Robe Esprit).

I did find out previously that it is something to do with how the fixture swap references the gobo wheels in the fixture profiles, so that if there is a name mismatch it will not copy over the gobo data. (I think José Carlos Lorenzo has also brought this up).

If they are labelled Gobo 1, Gobo 2, Anim etc they work.
If they are Rotating Gobo, Aerial Effects, Static Gobo etc they do not always transfer and the presets are greyed out or lose their data.

Every time this happens I have to rebuild the preset and add the info back in for each cue (in a 500 or so cue gig).

Is there anything being done to the fixture library or database to look into this or try and fix this issue, or do you know of any workarounds?

Just thought I’d check before I got too far into programming. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.