Fixture not showing in patch

Just trying to build up my default show using the new library rather than my user created fixture profiles.
The profiles I created crash Onyx when you try to patch them.

I have found a match for my fixture the ERA Lighting YY-L60C in the fixture search tool but cannot find it in the library in patch.

Am I missing something obvious ? using 1212, fixture appears to have been created in 2017.

Andrew MacKay

Hello Andrew,

Onyx Fixture Finder is based on current (V.4.4) Onyx release buildā€¦

4.5 Beta uses an entirely new library database, provided by AtlaBaseā€¦

Please use the New Library Request form, to requires the required profile

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

Hi all
I had the same issue using a user fixture create with 1212 version but I re-started software and I found it fine and work perfectly