Fixture Profile twisting off axis when repositioned in MSD

Hi, I am having a problem I have never experienced before. I am using a fixture profile and when I attempt to move the object it twists off axis, backwards and sideways. I have no ability to move the fixture from its original position without the fixture or group of fixtures twisting. I have used the profile in the past without this problem, and I have created a dozen fixture block combinations using the profile, and they all do the same thing. Its a bit frustrating. I have 880 fixtures to place and no way to do it with any decent workflow. Thank you in advance!

Disable Scrl Lock

We already discuss this on FB

Yes thank you! I posted here as well. Appreciate your reply!

With the scoll-lock key active, a fixture will maintain its focus point when it is moved.
Because these fixtures don’t have Pan/Tilt capabilities, the whole fixture rotates.
As a copy of a fixture starts with the same values as the original, you will also see that the fixture rotates when you copy the fixture.

I propose to remove the Scroll Lock function and add an option to the toolbar “move” function to enable and disable this.

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