Fixtures Default Values

Hi. I started to work with a Martin M-1 light table with Obsidian Onyx 4.2

When I made a cuelist I realize some FXs attribute values stays from one cue to the next. Per example, the rainbow colour FX I work with in Cue 2, but in Cue 3 I worked with plain colour. Reviewing my cuelist, from Cue 2 to Cue 3, the Rainbow FX still in the rest of the cues, not only just in Cue 3. I tried to fix it editing cue 3 to errased those values that remains from one cue to another. I had some success doing it this way, but is a process to slow to do when you’re in a hurry to finish programming. I know there has to be some way to realise this values on the recording cues process.
Please, any help would be much appreciate it. thanks


There are 2 things here to take a look at:

  1. Per default, a cuelist is always tracking parameter (means, until another value for a channel is set, it will keep the previous one). You can deactivate tracking in the cuelist option.
  2. The record panel allows to filter what you want to register, per default, it registers only current active value from programmer, but maybe you have change it?
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Thank you very much for your help, Sylvain. It worked!!! Yes, the last technician who worked with this control table had made some changes to help him work with… but right now I setup the record pannel.

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