Flash activate? (Solved)

(Using M-Touch’s singular Play buttons for this)

Is there any way to activate a cue by holding a single button, toggling off upon release of button?

I have a cue that sets all my lights to strobe, and also sets all lights’ effects to stop. Currently I have it set to Toggle, but I would really like to simply hold the button down when I want strobing instead of activating+deactivating it.

Lots of songs need strobing for a single 16th note, it’s very troublesome to tap the button twice - especially when the button doesn’t always respond to quick low velocity presses. Currently smacking the heck out of the buttons to nail the timing. I fear the worst for my board and finger bones lol

Set button’s “Down Action” to “GO” and “Up Action” to “RELEASE”?

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Change Cuelist type to Override
Button will automatically default to Flash+ GO

This activates it but does not deactivate upon releasing the button, I needed to change Up Action to release as well. Thank you

Button defaults to Flash+ Activate…

And yes, it does disactivate upon button release…

I changed the cuelist to override, made sure it was Flash+activate, Up action was set to “nothing” by default. Flash+activate remained activated causing my lights to strobe nonstop until I manually deactivated the cue. I needed to set Up action to “Release” in order for the strobing to stop upon lifting my finger off the button.

Tried it multiple times to make sure

edit: In fact, I tried flash+activate first because naturally I figured flash would deactivate upon letting go of the button. Maybe it’s a bug on my end if it is supposed to function as Release on Up Action by default

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