Flash on NX Touch alters fader resolution

This bug is very strange and took me a few times to figure out exactly what was happening.

The system I am using is two NX Touch systems with a laptop.

I have a bank of Main Playback Faders (it’s bank 4, but that doesn’t matter) that is all positions for my movers. They are all Overrides. I use this to do slow sweeping position changes. I have the Fourth Button (the button below the faders) set as timed Flash+Go buttons, with really long fade in and outs (10 seconds).

If I hit one of the Flash+Go buttons and then cycle back to a different playback bank (usually bank 1 or 2 as those are my main page) before the bank 4 Override times out then it messes up that fader on every bank for good. It’s almost like the fade in and fade out triggered in bank 4 does something to fader in the other banks.

Very strange problem that is even tough to describe.