Flickering issues

Hello all, I am in need of professional help

Right now my current onyx board is NX Touch on PC software, we have having flickering issues on our LED house lights in random areas, and our front spot lights have flicker issues. We terminated everything, We swapped out splitters, cables, bypassed things and still can’t solve the issue.

We had professionals install everything and they have tried everything they know and now they think it’s possibly something writhing onyx that’s causing the random flickers.

Any advice?

Flicker lights in random areas seems like a typical DMX cable issue. Unplug the dmx about from the middle of the rig and check.
If the first half that is still connected flickers, go in to the middle of that and unplug the half of the remaining lights. You should find that way the faulty cable. (by going half/half/half) - this is the fastest way to find that kind of fault.

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