Generic LED RGBW fixture

I’m looking for a Generic LED RGBW strip light fixture to add to MSD but I can’t find one. The closest I can get is an IRGB fixture but that’s not going to work with the patch. Am I missing something somewhere? Does this fixture profile exist? Surely it must be somewhere?!


Use the online M-Series Fixture Finder, you’ll find large amount of profiles…

Search for equivalent profile, in MSD

Start off, with Chauvet. Any profile with an ARC2 mode, will suit your needs

Using a Chauvet fixture (or similar) means that it renders in Visualiser with specific dimensions. I need something that I can alter the length of in Show Designer. At the moment I’m using the Generic LED strip 1950mm x 15mm 3CH. All I need is to be able to make that a 4CH profile.

Are you talking about Video Panel, than?

Possibly. This is what I’m doing. I need all of those strip lights to be RGBW instead of just RGB:

We have added a new version of the Generic LED Strip 1950mm X 15mm with 4 channels RGBW to the MSD Additional Fixtures folder, as well as an RGBW version of the Generic-Panel Video Panel (Small for custom shape).

The last one is a 1cm x 1cm x 1cm version of a panel, which is very usefull when you want to use your own objects as panels. Just create or import an object, insert this panel fixture into your scene and change the Panel-Shape of the fixture in the ShowDesigner module in the Properties to your own object, and the object will become the ‘lens’ of the fixture, so that you can control the color of the whole structure as a fixture.