Group "Release on Next Go"

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding Playback release.

On the playback “cuelist” buttons within Onyx, there are different selections you can make to “release” the playback, one of them being “Release on next GO”

Is there a way to restrict that release to be within a sub-group of playbacks, essentially associating playback with one-another? For example, if I lift a main playback fader, I don’t want it to release specific active playback buttons. Though, similarly, I want a neighboring associated playback, when launched, to release and reset specific playbacks back to inactive.

Think along the lines of a color picker, or “pallete” of FX animations if you will, where specific playbacks are associated with each other?

Is this possible to do within Onyx?

Thanks much!


It kind of does this already. The system normally releases any cuelists that conflict 100% with new selection. The only exception is if not all of the fixtures are overridden from new selection.

An example is; I often separate color themes from main playbacks but if I do not include truss warmers in a look then the last option with truss warmers having a color chosen will stay active. Everything else should reflect the new choice except the truss warmers which keep the last pick unless a priority was changed as well.

To reiterate release on next go is not needed of you are separating specific similar playbacks. Also keep in mind FX count as something that isn’t part of last selection so make sure you save 0 values of FX of you are mixing in them.