Having Trouble with M-Play Banks

Hey gang,
Im trying to record stuff to my M-Play but when ever i try to record to any bank over 100 on the M-Play Status screen it will not work.

I am able to change my M-Play to show bank numbers over 100 (all the way up to 500) but cant record anything on 400 of these banks

Anybody else had this problem or know what im doing wrong?

Indeed you can only use bank 1-100 with an M-Play. I asked our developers to clarify if the UI is shown incorrectly by mistake.

Any idea if support for these banks was removed and if it will return? In the original product videos release by Martin it’s advertised as having 500 banks on both sections of the wing? Also I’m having trouble finding the user manual for this product anymore, there used to be a reference image somewhere that showed the function key and programmer shortcuts you can access on the M-Play?.