HELP ... Fixture profile created and No Macro values - SOLVED

Hello all, i have a problem and i cannot get to the bottom of it. I created a fixture profile and after taht it will not show me on the Macro tab the channels so i can create a chase efect on intensity. I will upload a picture. And if somebody here can tell me what do i have to do to the fixture profile so it will show up.
Thank you in advance.!


Hi, if you want shoot me an email with the DMX chart and the profile you created and i can take a look at it.
I make the LJ profiles now for elation.


Thank you for your answer, i sent you an email. But if anyone has any sugestions to what i have to do for the values to show up there i would be graitfull cause it drives me insane :)).

Hi, do you know how to export the profile to send it to me? That would be best for me to look at the profile for me to best help you.

Otherwise please tell me the macros from what channel and what values are you expecting to show up in the PT macros?

I do have a video tutorial on how to make moving head profiles in LJ, give it a look see if maybe you missed something:


Brother, thanks for your help, i figured out what i did wrong, after i exported the profile and imported it it apares all the values.
Your video helped a lot cause i skiped that part with the export :D.

You are the best !!!

You are welcome!

hello, i have lightjockey2 and I couldn’t find profiles for …


LightJockey Fixture Requests (

thanks, I wrote them but I haven’t received an answer yet. I’m thinking maybe I can findI’m thinking maybe I can findI’m thinking maybe I can find someoneon the forum

You requested this 7 hours ago. Our engineer is based in the US, he would not have seen this yet.

Hello, I am the one making profile requests for LJ, I see your request and I will do my best to get you the requested profiles as soon as possible. But please note due to the abundance of profile requests we get it is typical sometimes to wait 2-3 days to get profiles back once requested. But I will see what I can do. Thanks for your patience.

Hello ,
can you help me ? I want to know how I can fade out the beam … for example I use even and odd, but I would like the intensity to decrease when I lift my finger from the hot key.
I think you understand me, I want to have a small decrease when I put out a beam …