Help wanted [Intensity control, pan / tilt control, macros, flipping fixtures]

I tried to find my answers within the forum already, but due to missing images / videos I have not find the answers to my issues.

I am used to working with GrandMA2 but since I have acquired 4 MH 4 Moving Heads for myself I was looking for an alternative piece of softwara since I don’t own any MA hardware (too expensive for just 4 fixtures) to play around with and see actual live output. Which let me to ONYX (prefer the interface over Dot2)… I am currenlty following the Tutorials from Zyper but I can’t seem to follow up on a few things. I feel I don’t have full control over my fixtures in ONYX, but since i am new to it i figured that must be me…

In my patch I have just 4 Martin RUSH MH 4 Beam fixtures. My goal is to arrange a show that can be controlled Live as well as a preprogrammed ‘show’ where the lights just move around in a few patterns on BPM. That last one seems already impossible since I can’t seem to find an option to control the BPM through sound (with a connected DJ rig). Also I want it to be ready for any patch (in a way).

So in Tutorial part 2 Zyper is setting a Flash/Strobe on a play button and I follow the EXACT steps (10 times over) but whatever I do, I can’t seem to get it working. The entire set of Intensity presets doesn’t seem to work when programmed to a cue while the presets when triggered do work. (I also tried Override)

I have some example picture for you guys below. (full size can be found here: IMGUR

Selected ALL fixtures + Cue Dimmer FULL

Selected ALL fixtures + Preset Dimmer FULL + Cue Dimmer ZERO

Then another issue for me is the control of low and high values. As you can see my fictures are mounted onto a DJ booth which means I have limited pan / tilt options (so i dont blind the DJ or burn the floor for instance).
Is there a way to set a High and a Low value so i can operate within my desired pan / tilt range?

Next is how can I link movement and intensity or any other option combination. I want to create a fly-over effect (beat 1/4 -> Tilt up Int. up (duration 2 beats) - beat 3/4 -> Tilt down Int. down (duration 2 beats)) and control the speed of course. For me this is a simple effect to achieve in GrandMa2 and I got more complex effects waiting to happen.

Also is there a way to just create macro’s not bound to cuelist and select the macro within a cue list (sequence) Since I can’t seem to find a macro view, a console nor can I type directly into the bar below the view, I think to know the answer but just to be sure.

To the experienced user:
Altho I am not new to programming, I am pretty new to this piece of software (been working with ONYX for 3 days) I am not certain I can follow your directions to the letter, so try to keep the answers so clear as you possibly can :slight_smile: thank you!