Help with choosing a console/controller

Hello. I am fairly new to lighting and everything it entails. I have a martin lightjockey interface and a m-pc interface. Up until now i have used the lightjockey software to control my lights. It’s getting a big frustrating.

I want to switch to onyx and to get a controller/console with some faders and buttons that i can map to whatever function i want within onyx.

The problem is that i do not know what that means. Do i have to get a console or controller that is supported by onyx?

I don’t want anything too expensive, i have a budget of about 500$. From what i’ve seen, that budget means that the majority of the consoles/controllers are out.

If someone can help me understand what are the requirements for a console or controller to work with onyx software. That way i know what to look for and can start looking for something in my price range that i will know for sure works with onyx.

As i said, i am kind of new to lighting so i might’ve left information out that you guys might need in order to help me. If so, ask me whatever you want. Thanks

TL:DR: I want to buy a console/controller/device that has faders and buttons where i can map presets and cues and stuff from onyx. Budget around 500$

I think the best is to look here:

But in general for a start NX-Touch would be a first logical step in Your budget.

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The nx touch is above my budget. The cheapest i could find that is available to buy from my country is 780$. And i recently learned that without an nx touch, midi is not unlocked in the software.

And at the moment i am not making any money out of this. I wanted to learn the software, get the controller and learn how to use it properly and after that start looking into taking any jobs. And even if i made an effort to pay the 780 for the nx touch, it’s a product that i wouldn’t like because it has touch faders instead of regular ones…

I really liked onyx but i guess i have to start looking into other software. And if nothing works i`ll go back to lightjockey

Anyway, thank you for your help

Well, ONYX in this regard gives You the most for Your money. Other brands controllers with such powerful software will be way more expensive.

For onyx to have midi unlocked you will need Onyx essential key or the NX Touch.


To be honest, if you have a console that can take onyx os then i can see why the nxk would be useful, but if you use the pc version of onyx, i don’t see the purpose of the nx-k. It’s basically the same as a numpad on a keyboard, except the keyboard numpad is useful. If you use the pc onyx, it makes things slower since you press record on the nxk and then have to go into the software and select the cues or presets or parameters. Why not use the mouse for that and be faster? Or better yet use the command line. And 470usd is extremely expensive for what it is and what it does, even if you have a console to use it with.

nx-K brings nova+ with it.