Help with the release of a color and priority

Hey, I have a probably simple question:

How can i best make a cue (the works as a flash) with a fx random-ish strobe with dimmers at full and the color white (preset). I would like to be able to press and hold the button to flash it and when i release it, it should stop the random white strobe and also release the color white to whatever it previously was.

Also i would like to know how the preority system works. I found teh option to change priority but dont know how to “swop” (as Avolites calls it). Lets say i have above mentioned cue , i copy it so i can have one that goes along with whatever is running and adds to it. And have one that, while active, temporarily disables everything that is running with lower priority while its being flashed and releases dimmer and color and lets everything else that was running previously, continue.

thanks a lot for helping,