How can use onyx on a budget?

Hello, I have been using onyx with my school and church for around 2.5 years, and I have experience running several plays. I recently changed schools, and I want to do a light show for my orchestra concert, but I don’t have a NX SYNC and I am unable to afford one right now. I have seen other USB to DMX converters on Amazon. Do you know if I can use those to run onyx? All help is greatly appreciated.

@LightBoy178 - the NX-Sync is only used for timecode. You’ll want and NX-DMX for USB-DMX output. You can only use ONXY hardware for the USB-DMX output.

As part of the “Free” license, ONXY will allow you to output 1 universe over sACN/ ArtNet. You maybe able to find an EtherDMX node that would work.

However, that said and depending on where you are located, I would maybe work with the Band / Concert / Theater / Administration and see about getting an educational unit. This would better setup the school for future (or yourself if you qualify) enhancements. You would need to work on getting a computer with them. But take a look at this and maybe even contact Obsidian for assistance.

NX DMX for Education (

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Thank you, Do you have any idea how I could do Ether DMX? a quick Google search just showed me nothing new.

EtherDMX Settings (

Here are the instructions from the manual. You’ll probably have to have the EtherDMX node right by your computer / at FOH to time into the school system.

Again, I would reach out to Obsidian. You might find that the price for the educational unit is affordable, especially compared to trying to find and setup something from Amazon.


Hi Watson is correct. The educational NX DMX will be the least expensive product to get you going. EtherDMX nodes will allow 1 free universe, However the Netron EtherDMX Nodes unlock Nova and allow 4 universes. I would recommend Netron EP4 or EN4 to get you started.