how do I exclude white pixels from dylos?

Hi guys. I want to use the v-show 2in1 strobe light in Dylos. I don’t like that the white pixel, which is controlled by channels 1 and 2, turns on at the same time as the colored pixels, even if only one color frame is turned on in the Dylos zone, for example green/
I have conceived such a cue

its my Delos setting

this is the result of my settings. I didn’t include the white color in the middle, but it is included. These pixels can only produce white color and cannot produce green.

I’m destroying the intensity of the white pixels and the record Cue

record Cuelist 1, clear clear, Go cuelist 1 - the result does not match my plan at all.

this is a 7-channel mode, and I can fix this by simply creating two different devices for channels 1-2 as WHITE STROBE and channels 3-7 as RGB and placing them in the zone separately, without including channels for white. But if I want to use 148-channel mode, such a joke will not work.

You may need to turn off White Mapping in the mapping tab of your DyLOS zone. That’s just a guess, I am no DyLOS expert.