How do I properly map out a B-eye on the 2d plot?

Hey evryone,
Is there a proper way to layout in the 2d plan the pixels for the clay paky aleda b-eye k20?
I generally place the center pixel then work my way out, creating rings. The rings are always off by angle (i don’t see any way to change angle of the rings when placing them). So they never map correctly when using my dylos content. It’s as if the b-eye is rotated.

Also I’m using onyx 4.8 should have led with that i guess.


Add the combined fixture, then adjust its angle with the Rotation tool:

Hi this is helpful however when I place the b-eye as a zone fixture all the pixels show in a line (see screenshot ), however if I start a blank showfile and patch the b-eye it will lay out like it is in your screenshot , how do I fix this?

The fixture you used when you did your showfile was not correct, when now it is.

As there are pixels (sub-fixtures), you will need to patch the new fixture, then clone pixel to pixel, and clone master to master to update your fixture profile. Then, you should be able to remove the previous fixture, and use the new one.