How do I work from home on a show file to be used at a live location?

I need to program a sequence for a song for Christmas Eve for a PC running ONYX that’s used daily.

On the live machine at the venue, I save the show file and take it home to program the show on my PC at home using the same version of Onyx coupled with Capture so I can see what’s going on.

Now, I want to bring those cue lists into Onyx on the live PC, which may or may not have been changed during the week by whomever is running the lights.

How do I do that?

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1st copy the show that is currently running the daily onyx files (Venue Show).
Then open your onyx at home. Insert the thumb drive with the venue show and load it.
Make your sequence/sequences. and save to the thumb drive.
When back at the venue, before inserting the thumb drive save their show file.
Then insert your thumb drive and load your show file.

As a curtesy, re -load their show file when your done with your show.

That doesn’t solve the issue. If the work that I do needs to be added to the current configuration that’s live, I can’t find a way to merge or import my work into the PC there…which is what is needed. If I’ve been assigned the task of programming one portion of the show and I don’t have access to that machine, I would need to join the two files together.

Unfortunately, ONYX has no import/export capabilities to merge different parts of showfiles together.

Knowing that, we would need to search for a solution that would allow two people to work on lighting for the same event separately. Is there a solution somewhere that someone knows about?

On a side note, while Onyx is open and we’re working on it, when we close it, it doesn’t ask us to save anything, yet it retains the information for the show if we re-open Onyx. Where is that data being saved between sessions if we aren’t explicitly saving it to a show file?

Well, maybe have a VPN to your venue or partner LD, share one Onyx master console and connect to it Via XNet. while stat sill doesn’t really allow to work it at the same time, you are always working on the exact same show file.
Not a great solution though…

Yeah, I thought of that. I’m also using Capture to visualize what I’m doing, so I’d have to be able to connect to that. Feels like a headache at this point.

Is that possible in MA? Or when have you used this feature before?