How to assign the "Virtual Keypad" to a function key?

In Onyx I can assign the “Onscreen Keyboard” to a function key on my laptop easily enough via Onyx Menu > Assignments Functions > Commands > General > Keyboard.

But I can’t find the equivalent for the Keypad (note: KeyPAD ie the small one with FULL, @, THRU etc).

I’ve searched all function key options a couple of times. Have I just missed it, or is it not possible to assign keyPAD popup to a function key?

(Apologies, this is a repost from the Elation Lighting forum 'cause I had a brain fade and couldn’t find this forum! All I can say is, it’s good to be back!)

Thus functions are assignable :slight_smile:

Hi Sylvain

Yes the individual functions are assignable. And the Keyboard is assignable (Commands > General > 10 Keyboard). But the Keypad (surely the most used pop-up window) is not assignable to a function key.

As a workaround, I add the keypad into a view. Not great on a small touchscreen laptop without a lot of screen real-estate.

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I’m hoping an update can fix this! I could really use the pop up keypad on a function button!