How to auto-release an Override cuelist when cuelist reaches the end?

Is there any way to auto-release an Override cuelist when the Override cuelist reaches the end? (Adding a release macro as the last cue in an Override cuelist isn’t working).

What I’m trying to achieve is toggle-on/toggle-off type functionality for my Virtual Playback Buttons where I keep “Go” enabled at the top of the Playback Buttons window throughout a show (I don’t want to mistime a cue because I’ve forgotten that I’ve previously enabled “Release”).

I think the only way to achieve this is to create a “Control” cuelist with 2 macro cues. The first cue with a macro to trigger the Override cuelist and the second cue with a macro to release the Override cuelist.


The macro way of working works!
But, agree with you, you have the impression the cuelist override is still running because this last is still “active”, but no parameter are adressed.

Give a try, and check it.

For me there is a display bug on that.