How to blend Dylos zones?

Hi Guys,
I learn Dylos at the moment and stumbled across some work flow barriers.
How can one blend two Dylos zones together? (same parameter)
I tried masking with no success.

Coming from VJ software (Resolume & Vdmx) this is a typical workflow to merge two layers. (Alpha blend e.g.)

During the Webinar @Matthias mentioned this isn’t possible (yet?), but not explicitly.

I attached a short clip, showing two generators crossing each other - but only one is visible on stage.

Thanks in advance

…we think in your case you have to play with opacity from the zoneslot in the middle.


This decreased the max output of the fixture as far as I can tell. So the dimmer output won’t reach 100% by lowering opacity

if you want to see two generator gradients at the same time in one area, you need two zones one above the other, the lower zone in the composer layer view, have to set to opacity zero, you can also see this kind of keying in preview.

…its the matter of alpha or not…

I found the issue: 1207 was buggy.
I updated to 1211 and it works!
Thank you!