How to call up paired sub banks for mplay

Is there a way to call up paired sub-master banks for the Mplay? What if you have 2 Mplay’s or 4( which I do)?
If there is not a way to do this there should be a way to load multiple sub-banks ( and main playback banks for that matter) in case you are using multiple Mtouch/Mplay’s.
If this exists please tell me how.

Could you use a macro for this? How do you know what ID your Mplay/Mtouch is occupying?

I am guessing that there is no way to see what is on all 3 m plays I have connected, at the same time. Am I missing something or is there just one page of m play status available?

In the menu under system / dmx settings / usb dmx, (where you see that you have a m-play connected), in the top right should be the “Wing ID”.

Hope this helps,


Immensely, thanks!